Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bailey walks! Twin sale success, another ear infection, baby's firstbloody nose and a bounce house fail

I have several weeks of big updates. First, we now have two walking toddlers! Bailey has been taking steps on and off the last few weeks but she is officially walking all the time as of this weekend.


Having two walkers is keeping us on our toes! Their new favorite spot to explore is the kitchen cabinets. They love sitting in there, pulling all the pots and pans out, and playing peekaboo with the doors. It is adorable.

The twin sale was this past weekend and once again I cleaned up. Christmas shopping like crazy! A few awesome buys - shoes and boots in various sizes. I got Stride Rite, Saucony and other brands in a variety of sizes from 4 to 6 for $2 each on average. Compared to $30 new! I also got winter jackets and snow bib overalls for the girls, plus a variety of matching outfits for the winter. I got some awesome Christmas presents too, including two individual Barbie motorized power wheels for $30 each (retails for around $100 each brand new). Score! I also got some puzzles, little people, books and other toys that will be appearing under the Christmas tree, as well as gifts for my nephews. Picked up two ladybug costumes for Halloween two. I am so in love with the twin sale.

Bailey's been battling an ear infection that I think FINALLY cleared up. She's been on antibiotics for about a month straight poor thing. Brooklyn also got her first bloody nose at daycare when she fell and smashed her face into a chair. It wasn't gushing blood but streaming a little blood all night. I'm sure it will be the first of many since she is so wild and crazy.

We also had our block party a few weeks ago and this was the first time I've ever had that mommy panic moment of being worried about developmental delays. I think having preemies is a little freeing in that you know they will be late hitting milestones so it doesn't really matter. Still, we put them into the bounce house with two other kids (a 14 month old and a 16 month old, and the girls are 15 months). Bailey laid near the entrance like a dead fish and cried - she would not even sit up - so I took her out pretty face. Brooklyn crawled to the middle and sat there, did a tiny bit of exploring but mostly just watched the other kids. Compared to the 14 month old and 16 month old that were running, jumping, bouncing and having the time of their lives. One of the other moms said, "be careful of the little babies!" She told me her son was 14 months and asked how old mine were. "15 months...." I also didn't realize how small the girls are. Of course, this is compared to boys but they were WAY smaller. My girls are actually still wearing a lot of 9 to 12 month clothes, though they do wear some 12 to 18 month stuff. Anyway, I was super nervous after the bounce house incident and had to text my other twin mom friend who also had 34 weekers and I felt a little better. She reminded me that it will all even out in the end and if the doctor isn't concerned I shouldn't be. We see the doctor later this week for their 15 month check up so that will be refreshing to talk to her about it. But both girls are walking now so I'm sure running and jumping will follow - and next year they can dominate the bounce house!

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