Friday, May 16, 2014

Roseola and Baby Milestones

Breakfast Picnic

Bailey came down with a fever on Mother's Day (my first Mother's Day! Which was great until the fever. We had a picnic breakfast Saturday at Rocky River park overlooking the lake then went to the zoo Sunday morning). Anyway she was really sick Sunday night and I took work off on Monday. Saw the doctor, no ear or respiratory infection. Fever still there. Hit 102.9 at the highest. Fever continued Tuesday and Wednesday morning, finally went away by Wednesday afternoon. She was able to go back to daycare on Thursday but we noticed a slight rash. By Thursday night she definitely had a rash all over her body - roseola. It's a really common baby virus that everyone gets before kindergarten with a really high fever followed by a rash. At least it's no longer contagious at the rash state. There's a nine to ten day incubation period so if Brooklyn is still healthy by the 25th we are in the clear. Let's hope!
Roseola rash on back

Bailey is feeling so much better (she's laughing and playing again) but hasn't been eating or sleeping very well all week. Poor thing!

Baby milestone update: 

Brooklyn is now crawling everywhere like a professional baby crawler on a Pampers commercial. This lead Darren and I to the realization that we need baby gates and baby proofing. That will be the plan for this weekend!

Bailey is still crawling backwards but she is trying so hard to go forwards, especially now that she sees Brooklyn doing it. Any day now.

Standing Up
Brooklyn can now pull herself into a standing position, and yesterday at day care she was standing up in her crib after nap time. Slow down baby girl!

How can toys be a milestone? Let me explain. Brooklyn is really starting to figure out how toys work. She can put balls into the top of the chute and watch them come out the bottom, and then put them back in again. She can also put objects into other objects (like a coin into the piggy back slot or a block into the square cut out). Here is a hilarious video of Brooklyn figuring out how to put the coins into the piggy bank.

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