Monday, July 21, 2014

Some steps, some words, some giggles

Brooklyn has been taking little steps here and there. Her record so far is three in a row. So we have a walker!

Also, the girls have been saying a few words. They've been saying "hi"  for a while (and mama and dada starting at eight months, which they say ALL the time but not really at us, but sometimes MAYBE at us for months). Bailey also says "night night" (which sounds more like "ni-ni") and Brooklyn said "ba ba" on vacation. But this weekend Brooklyn said "down" clear as a bell when we were trying to get her to go down the slide and Bailey said "kitty" twice while looking at a picture book that had a kitty in it (Goodnight, Moon!)

The girls seem to be playing with each other a bit more. They do a lot of chasing/peek-a-boo where one peers around the corner at the other, they laugh and crawl after each other. Yesterday I went to put them both down for a nap and Bailey wet her diaper (and the sheets) as soon as put her down. I gave her a fresh diaper and rather than grab a clean sheet from downstairs, I put her in Brooklyn's crib to see what would happen. They had an adorable giggle session for 45 minutes. Never did fall asleep though - I eventually put a new sheet on and moved Bailey to her own crib. But this video of them giggling in the crib is so adorable.


They are also interacting with the world way more. Check out this video of them watching a deer outside.

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