Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Twin Parent Survival Group (with video) & A Funny Story

We had our We Survived The First Year picnic with our Twin Parent Survival Group this weekend. It was so fun and so hilarious. Lots of binkie and toy stealing, bottle swatting, giggles, crying, crawling, walking, face touching, knocking over, sort of playing together and other toddler moments.

We attempted to get another group photo of all the kids together, which we've been able to do pretty easily in the past. Not the case now with everyone mobile! What a crazy, funny disaster.And it's all been captured on film for your enjoyment.

Since our efforts at a kids only photo didn't result in much, we did a mom and twins photo instead which turned out really cute. Ten babies ages 12 months to 19 months.

Onto the funny story. Darren is traveling for work this week so I was on my own with the kids Monday night. We had a nice dinner, went for a walk with the stroller and had just finished nighttime bottles. I was changing Brooklyn in the living room on the floor so I could keep an eye on Bailey. Usually I use the changing table at home. Brooklyn is the hardest kid to change - she is so squirmy and does not like being contained. Sometimes you get lucky and she cooperates, and sometimes you don't. Well on Monday she did not. I had the diaper pulled down and was about to wipe her when she somehow escaped my grip. She crawled away on the wood floors and a frantic pace laughing maniacally leaving a poop stream EVERYWHERE. I jumped up, picked up my poop covered child and put her right into the tub, poop covered clothes and all. I hurry back into the living room just in time to stop Bailey from touching the poop mess. I scoop up Bailey, quickly clean the poop while I hear Brooklyn (trapped in the tub) trying to escape. I take Bailey into the bathroom with me and turn on the faucet to wash Brooklyn off. Of course Brooklyn loves the running water and thinks this is the best thing to ever happen. I am washing up Brooklyn and turn around to see Bailey now playing in the toilet water. Quickly pulled Bailey away and shut the toilet lid and directed her back to the bath toys on the floor. Twins: 1, Mom: 0 For a good five minutes I felt overwhelmed, but we got everything back on track!

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