Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Diaper Rash Remedies and a Homemade Mixture

We've been battling some bad diaper rash on and off with both babies for the past six weeks or so.

A few things we've tried:
  • Lotrimin - anti fungal cream (technically this is for athlete's foot) but works to clear up diaper rash if it's actually a yeast infection. A big thank you to my twin mom friend Sharon for introducing me to this!
  • Aquaphor - my go to
  • Butt Paste/Desitin - anything with zinc oxide
Every time their diaper rash flares up really bad, it seems to get better with one of the above methods. There's a few times it's gotten so bad that their butts have been cracked and bleeding a little but it always gets better by the morning so I haven't taken them into the doctor yet.

On Saturday night, after we put the girls to bed, Brooklyn was crying so hard in absolute pain. We took her downstairs and finally calmed her down but she was still shrieking in pain/withering. It really freaked me out because I've never seen my kids so upset like that before. I could tell she was trying to poop so I went in and changed her. She had some really bad diarrhea and her butt was bright red, cracked bleeding and extremely irritated. I actually paged the doctor for this one. This is only the second time I've bugged the doctor after hours (the other being Bailey's 103 degree temp). Anyway she gave me a recipe for a homemade diaper rash cream that has worked awesome:
  • Aquaphor
  • Maalox or Mylanta (which is impossible to find in the stores, or at least Walgreens or Target. Target carries a generic version of Mylanta though.)
  • Gold Bond Baby Power with zinc oxide
So I mixed the three ingredients together and applied to both girls' butts (Bailey had a little diaper rash but not as bad) and it seems to be clearing up really well.

I also switched back to Pampers. We started using Luvs about a month ago and this probably has nothing to do with it but just in case, I switched back to see if that would help.

Also, if you ever feel compelled to search Google images of baby diaper rash, don't do it. I thought my kids had bad diaper rash (which it is bad, they are bleeding!) but OMG you will see SEVERE and awful diaper rash if you look! Those images cannot be unseen once you see them.

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