Tuesday, April 1, 2014

10 months and time to child proof

Play toys in sign language.
Today my angels turned ten months old. We've been having a big week - both girls are waving now and using more sign language from day care. We kept making fun of Bailey for doing what we call "jazz hands" where she would put both hands out and shake them. Apparently this means play toys in sign language! Technically she doesn't have her fingers out like pictured above, but she's only ten months so she just shakes her entire hand. It's pretty wild that kids that young can learn sign language and actually communicate. I don't know how to feel about the fact that they are learning so much at day care and not from mom or dad. I guess it's just a fact of life and will continue throughout school.

Both girls are waving now, when prompted. I'm not really sure they connect this "hi" or "bye" but it's more that they wave back if you wave to them.

We also need to get a little baby proofing going. Brooklyn isn't officially crawling yet but she rolls with purpose, and fast. Yesterday I put her on the nursery floor with a toy so I could put her sheets back on the bed. I turned around for about 20 seconds and tucked in two corners. When I turned back, she had rolled across the room and was grabbing at the electrical cords! AHHHH! She can't be trusted!

I am getting nervous that they will roll into the TV stand and knock it onto themselves, especially when they start pulling up on furniture. My sister in law sent me the link for some TV anchoring supplies that they used, so I bought those on Amazon last night. I'm thinking its a good idea to anchor the dressers too, as I read some horribly depressing story while pregnant where the little toddler (a twin) pulled the dresser on top of herself and died (Meghan's Hope). So I need to find something to anchor the dressers with.

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