Friday, April 4, 2014

Brooklyn can sit herself up now!

Well my sneaky little bear, I caught you! So neither of the girls have sat up by themselves (as in pulled themselves from laying down to sitting, they can sit on their own if you set them like that) but I caught Brooklyn in the act! Put her down for a nap on her tummy and saw her sitting up in the crib on the nursery camera. Guess this means the mobiles have to come down and we need to lower te cribs.

In other news, I am returning to my 40 hour work schedule. Seemed like an appropriate time given the recent layoffs. It will be hard not having that extra day with the girls but it has been a little difficult with work not being available one day a week. At least I got a lot of extra time with them in their first year with a long maternity leave (16 weeks!!!) and a really flexible schedule so far. So they'll just start going to day care every day Monday through Friday starting after Easter. Making the most of my last couple Fridays. 

I don't want to think about how much crazier life will be in terms of the house being a mess and never having a chance to really cook meals for the adults. I usually get a chance on Fridays to do laundry and throw something into the crockpot. But I bought a cook book on freezer meals, will start using this more now!

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