Monday, December 2, 2013

An impressive Target purchase

Let me brag about the greatest purchase I've ever made at Target, in terms of saving a ton of money. On Black Friday, they gave me a coupon for 20 percent off an in-store purchase to be used Dec. 1 through Dec. 4. I knew immediately that I would be buying an obscene amount of formula and diapers with said coupon. And on Saturday that is exactly what I did.

I bought two boxes of pampers cruisers size 3 for $34.49 each. Target had a sale where if you purchase two you get a $20 gift card. Then I bought four Enamil formula refill tubes at $35.99 each. Target gave a $10 gift card for the purchase of two, so another $20 in gift cards. Then I had my 20 percent off coupon. Then I had three Enfamil coupons, one for $7, and two for $5 so another $17 off. THEN I used my Target card and this knocked another 5 percent off the total. We bought a few other things (um, it's Target. Of course the cart was filled with all kinds of items) so in all we saved $116 PLUS the $40 gift cards. *Bragging*

I felt a little bit like I was in an episode of Extreme Couponing. Let's look closer at this price break down. I'm excluding taxes here so technically the end cost was slightly more.

Original price 132.8 ounces of formula: $143.96 (about $1.08 per ounce)
After my discounts (not including $20 gift card): $93.26 (about 70 cents per ounce)

Original price: 348 diapers: $68.98 (about 20 cents a diaper)
After my discounts (not including $20 gift card): $51.74 (about 15 cents a diaper)

Dare I say, this is even better than Amazon moms. Too bad all those diapers and formula will only last about a month, ha.

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