Thursday, December 26, 2013

Babies' first Christmas!

My Christmas angels!
We had a great Christmas this year with the girls. Dare I say it... but it's finally starting to get a little easier. I know everyone told me around the six month mark it would, and yes, it is getting easier. At least for the last week it has been!

This was our first year playing Santa. Confession: I wrapped up gifts I bought at the twin sale months ago that they haven't played with yet. And I filled their stockings with toys from the toy bin I bought used from Craigslist/twin sale. Sneaky, sneaky! I did, however, buy that giant pink elephant at Walgreens for $20. What a steal! True to what parents of young babies always say, they loved the wrapping paper best of all.

The past few days have been a whirlwind of various Christmas parties with extended family and lots and lots of food (#weightwatchersfail). The girls did so well. Brooklyn is a little more hesitant being handed over to strangers, but Bailey hams it up and turns on the charm. It was fun watching all the little kids on both sides of the family (second cousins too) run around and open gifts. Christmas is much more entertaining watching them play.

We got so many nice gifts for the girls. Keep a look out for new matching/coordinating outfits! Plus a variety of really fun toys that light up and make noise. Teethers. Monogrammed Disney blankets. Cute stuffed animals. Puppets. Socks. Headbands. Etc!

Video of girls playing with wrapping paper:

Barr/Beckwith second cousins
Gregory/Barr Second Cousins
Mackintosh/Barr second cousins

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