Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Professional photos from Bouncing Light Photography

We had professional photos taken by our wedding photographer, Leigh, the owner of Bouncing Light Photography. Photos turned out so well! Leigh is awesome, anyone in need of professional photos in Cleveland should use her.

View full photo gallery here:

Leigh's blog post on our session:

Here are a few of my favorites.

Twin newborn photos. In this one, the girls are laying on a blanket my grandma made. All the Beckwith children, grandchildren and great grandchildren get a custom-made afghan from her. Brooklyn is in the dark purple hat, Bailey in the light pink.
Family photo! Bailey in my left arm, Brooklyn in my right arm. 

Twin newborn photos.
And I love this photo. There is something so heart melting seeing a man with his kids, especially when it's an attractive man that happens to be your husband and he is holding your first and second born.
Dad holding twin newborn girls.

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