Sunday, July 7, 2013

New friends!

Had a busy weekend with visitors and our first major out of town trip. 

On Friday Darren's friends from Syracuse, Chris and Emily, brought their five month old daughter, Violet, over for a visit. It's funny to see the size comparison. Makes the girls look so tiny! Violet is 12 lbs so about the size of Brooklyn and Bailey combined. Violet was also super alert, smiling and interactive - makes me excited for times to come (though I love the newborn stage too!)

We also went down to New London for Darren's aunt and uncle's Fourth of July party. I spent most of the six hour visit in a bedroom feeding the babies (they literally fed for ever. Bailey took an hour and 20 minutes for the 6 pm feeding. Her prior personal best was 50 minutes with a typical nursing session being 25 to 30 minutes. Brooklyn also took her time.) but it was still nice to get out of the house. Bailey had a minor break down and cried for an hour straight. I think she was a little over stimulated. Poor baby girl! I had to ride in the back seat of the Focus wedged between the two car seats to keep her calm on the way home. This mostly consisted of putting her pacifier back in when it fell out. After all the excitement yesterday they were pretty sleepy today.

We did get an official cousin picture with Oscar. He just turned two on June 8. He can already say both the girls' names. Not that I am surprised since he can count to thirty and knows all his letters already!

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