Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy third birthday to Brooklyn!

Happy third birthday to the wild child Brooklyn, our "baby b." Your never ending energy always brings a smile to our face through your frequent requests to "get me" (aka chase me) or "dance with me." I love watching you interact with your sisters and hearing "I come baby!" as you thunder up the stairs to rescue Morgan when she wakes up from a nap, or "Bail, cookie for you!" when you faithfully deliver Bailey her promised cookie. Your current obsessions include sleeping beauty ("sleeping beauty first!"), Princess Sophia, taking various small objects like plastic forks, eggs and frying pans to bed or trying to sneak them into daycare, drawing unique pictures with little objects (birds? Letters?) scattered throughout, running everywhere - sometimes tripping -and getting back up without missing a beat while earning an impressive amount of bruises all over your body (and a rock in your lip), pretend and real cooking/baking, swings and the park, 5 Little Ducks song and too many others to list. Here's to another exciting year of adventures! 

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