Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy third birthday Bailey!

Happy third birthday to our giggly girl Bailey, our "baby a." You have such a vivid imagination and I love watching your elaborate play, whether it's the alligator or giraffe chasing someone or the mommy pony rescuing the baby pony after falling off the train. You are always so interested in new things ("what's dat mom?!? What's dat mom!?!) and notice the smallest details like the page numbers in the book. Your current obsessions include Belle, figurines, playing hide and go seek but getting so excited that you pop out of your hiding place before being found laughing like crazy, the cat ("hi meow! No meow!"), riding on dad's shoulders, the pirate episode of bubble guppies(arrr!), helping mom in the kitchen, launching yourself off the picnic table whether someone is ready to catch you or not, whales and baby beluga song, slides, etc etc etc. I love watching the incredible bond between you and Brooklyn (um the sunflower patch hand holding, can it get any cuter?) and melt when you bring Morgan toys or snuggle with her. Never lose your sunny personality! 

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