Friday, May 20, 2016

Rock stuck in lip...

So this happened.

We were on walk in the valley and Brooklyn tripped, and face planted. She was crying and had a bloody lip. I took her into the bathroom ad cleaned her up. There was a weird mark on her lip but I couldn't really tell what it was - blood blister? scab? cut? Darren took one look at her and says, "That's a rock." I was a little skeptical. We couldn't wipe it away, and it did feel a little hard, but what was it? (See top left pic)

Anyway, we took the kids for ice cream and she perked up and seemed okay. Put her to bed. She woke up at 10 pm just crying soooo hard and her lip was super swollen. (see top right pic). I was FaceTime calling my parents and my sister to try and figure out if there was something in there. Finally just took her to the ER.

The ER doctor had to give her some baby valium to sedate her some. Then two doctors and a nurse came in to hold her down (mama was crying too) and the one doctor used tweezers and pulled a little pebble out of her lip! It got wedged under the skin.

As soon as it came out (bottom left pic) the swelling went down and she was much happier. Took her home (not stitches!) and put her to bed. She was a little high from the hospital drugs and spent about thirty minutes talking nonsense in her bed which was hysterical. Anyway, she was fine the next day (bottom right). 

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