Friday, May 20, 2016

Morgan is one year old!!!

Morgie celebrated her first birthday last month. That came up fast!
She was officially walking for her party, albeit unsteadily. Bailey and Brooklyn like to imitate her and take shaky, unstable steps and fall dramatically into my arms. Hilarious.
Morgan did pretty good with her smash cake. The kid likes sugar, of course. 
About a week after the party she was walking pretty regularly, and now walks with no problems. She is also climbing on top of everything (you turn away for one second and she's on top of the picnic table about to leap to her death, laughing hysterically at your panic).  
At her one year appointment, she weight in at 23 lbs and height was just shy of 30 inches. Giant baby! (B&B were both 20 lbs 7 oz at one year and about 29 inches). 

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