Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The toddler bed switch

How I have been avoiding this moment. But it was finally time. They've been climbing into each other's cribs for a while and have each climbed over and out but we kept putting off the switch. We tried making mega crib for a bit (pushed the two cribs together after taking the sides off) but that resulted in too much wrestling and not enough sleeping.

Anyway, we now have two toddlers in big girl beds. I would warn anyone who makes the switch to expect a couple bad nights but they will get used to it. A lot of people will tell you to make sure that your kids never leave the bed. That's good in theory, but I think when you have twins you have to be realistic. If your best friend was in the bed next to you, you would probably get out and play for a little bit. So we let them run around the room and when they get tired they make their way back to the beds. Sometimes we have to play Sleeping Beauty "I know you" (I have heard this song 10,000 times the past week...) or sing "hush little baby" a few times through the monitor but they have been settling down by 830 or so the past couple nights. With three kids, it seems like someone is always waking up in the night. I'm sure they'll get more used to the toddler beds with time and hopefully sleep till morning without someone waking up!

Toddler beds!

Sleeping in same bed still

Darren sleeping on the floor one of the first nights, ha!

RIP mega crib

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