Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Morgie is 8 months!

Posted late again, but Morgan turned 8 months just before Christmas. She is now officially crawling like a Pampers commercial. Somewhat sleeping through the night. Has four teeth on the verge of coming through. Is standing when propped up and trying very, very hard to pull herself upright. She is still the most cuddly, relaxed baby ever. Eating pretty good. Also she is giant. I took her in right after Christmas thinking she had an ear infection (she doesn't, but loves pulling on her ears) and she weighed 21 lbs 2 oz. That's not too far off from her sisters who weighed 25 to 26 lbs at their 2 1/2 year check up. Morgan is going to be so tall!

Brooklyn and Bailey are really cute with Morgan. I love on the weekends when Morgan wakes up from her morning nap and Brooklyn yells "baby up!" and then we all go upstairs to get her and Brooklyn says the entire time, "I come baby! I come baby!" The older girls are both interested in making her laugh but I think they will continue to get more interested when she can really play with them. They are starting to play with her a little (putting the blanket over her to play peekaboo, etc) but it often gets a little rough for the baby and we have to remind them to be careful. Or, Morgan will grab one of their toys or pull their hair which B&B don't care for! But it is cute to see them all interacting in the way that an 8 month old can interact with two toddlers. Melts my heart.

Watch Morgan crawl:

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