Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Speech progress

So Brooklyn and Bailey have both been seeing a speech therapist since they were 18 months and we are finally starting to have some words! I took the girls in to get their hearing tested (passed with flying colors) and they are adding so many new words now that I am really not worried.

Brooklyn seems to be a few weeks ahead of Bailey. We are finally getting some helpful words/phrases like more milk, up, down, water, etc. Brooklyn is starting to repeat just about everything we say like girl, boy, yellow, purple, door, apple, etc. Bailey seems to pick up words that Brooklyn is using after a couple weeks. So we are continuing with the Help Me Grow program but they are making tremendous progress. They still aren't using a ton of two or three word sentences but we are getting there. A lot less "eh, eh, eh" and pointing and more communication.

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