Monday, December 29, 2014

Picnic Table Redo

I've been working on a project for the girls that I was able to finish before Christmas - redoing a picnic table.

I bought this (pretty ugly) outdoor plastic picnic table at a garage sale for $7 at the end of summer.

Found a craft idea for it on Pinterest ( and got to work.

It was actually pretty easy. The table had to be taken apart using a screw driver. Then I spray painted the plastic (I wore a mask to keep baby safe!). It took me two coats. I realized too that you really don't need to spray paint the top or the benches since they'll be covered in fabric.

Based on the blog, the original crafter used fabric and then covered it again with a clear vinyl. I just bought a vinyl table cloth instead. Worked just fine. I used a heavy duty staple gun to secure the table cloth, then screwed the pieces back in place.

I put the new table under the tree with a nice purple bow and the girls have been climbing all over it already. Nice, easy gift idea!

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