Monday, December 15, 2014

Cutting bottles, nesting

So we cut bottles cold turkey a couple weeks ago. It was surprisingly uneventful. I know a lot of people say to cut bottles around 12 months but that just wasn't happening for us. But they were done by 18 months.

We introduced sippy cups pretty early and they've always been okay at using them. They never drank a ton but they did always have them with meals. I've been nervous to cut bottles since they are still pretty small and don't eat a ton but it seemed time. Bailey kept leaking through her nighttime diaper about every other night so I thought this was a sign that they were having too much liquid at night. The pediatrician also told us it would be easier to cut bottles sooner rather than later. We were only doing a morning and a nighttime bottle anyway, so I decided to just cut them both.

And the girls did fine. I was preparing myself for an epic battle but I really don't even think they noticed. Easy peesy.

In other news, I think I am going through a nesting phase because I felt compelled to organize all the girls toys the other day. We've just been randomly throwing them into whatever bin is nearby during clean up time, but I actually went through and organized everything. Now all the little people are in the same bin, the balls are together, the hand puppets are in container, etc. How long will it take for everything to become unorganized again? I would guess it will only take a weekend. But for now look at how good it looks!

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