Saturday, June 22, 2013

3 weeks old today!

The girls are three weeks old today! How weird to think that I would be 37 weeks pregnant today and instead I have two three week old perfect babies.

We had a second weight check with the pediatrician on Friday. Although they are gaining weight (Bailey was 5 lbs 4 oz, Brooklyn was 5 lbs 2 oz) the doctor would like to see them gaining a little bit more. So we are really focusing this week on making sure they eat and eat.

The doctor did give us the go ahead to start dressing them in normal clothes instead of keeping them in double layers with the sleepers. So let the cute outfits and instagram picture taking begin.

They are gradually becoming more vocal and being more alert each day. My mom and mother in law have been coming over during the day (took turns the past ten days) but I'll be on my own this coming week. Should be interesting!

Placed both girls on their backs and they both positioned themselves like this. What  are they twins or something?

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