Thursday, February 21, 2013

19 week check up

Had a doctor's appointment on Monday. She was very impressed with how big the babies were measuring at the anatomy scan. She said they were big for a singleton pregnancy. She has high hopes that I'll make it to 38 weeks so we'd be looking at the week of our anniversary (June 25th ish). Baby B is breached right now but there is still time for her to flip sideways (doctor said she probably doesn't have enough room at this point to do a complete flip). If she flips sideways, I can probably do a vaginal birth. If she stays breached then I'll have a C-section scheduled. Worst case scenario would be delivering Baby A vaginally and then having a C-section for Baby B but that happens sometimes.

Starting at 24 weeks, I have to go into the doctor every two weeks to check for signs of early labor. I guess they can check a hormone level and if that is zero, it means I am safe for the next two weeks. I also have to continue to see the specialist for ultrasound scans. Sounds like I'll be living at the doctor's office soon.

I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable. My main complaints have been headaches, backaches and a racing heart beat, all of which are pretty normal. The doctor suggested drinking a Gatorade every day and that seems to have eliminated the headaches. I've been using a heating pad on and off for back pain and that seems to help. I know I still have a lot of time left and the uncomfortable feeling is only going to get worse. I am trying to keep up with yoga and walks and make the best of it.

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