Friday, November 16, 2012

Big Surprise on Ultrasound... TWO HEARTBEATS

Here is the story of when we first found out we were going to have twins!

At five weeks five days, I had a little bleeding. And it was red. And kind of a lot. I was obviously freaking out and assuming the worst. It was a Friday afternoon, and the doctor couldn't get me in (we had an appointment anyway for Tuesday). We debated waiting a few days or just going into the emergency room but I decided I would go crazy all weekend without getting checked out first.

We went to Fairview Hospital expecting to hear bad news. We were both really upset but trying to stay optimistic.

When they finally called me for my ultrasound, I had to leave Darren behind (they won't let the fathers come into the room at the hospital for some reason). I knew the pregnancy was so early that it was very possible everything was fine and they still wouldn't be able to see anything on the scan, but I was hoping they would be able to tell me something.

The ultrasound tech's name was Kathleen Marie, which is my sister's name so I instantly had a good feeling. She took a long time doing the scan and I was starting to get really nervous. She was asking me a TON of questions about when I ovulated, my medical history, etc. Then she asked if I was taking any fertility drugs. No... why??? I still did not connect this with the possibility that she was seeing two babies in there. I really thought she couldn't see anything and that I had already miscarried. Finally the tech told me she was going to show me her screen (they don't show you at the hospital like they do at the doctor's office). So she flipped the screen towards me and said, "Here's your baby's heart beat. And here's the other baby's heart beat." I was literally stunned. I just started laughing and crying at the same time. She said they don't usually do this in the emergency room, but since they never get twins in there she was going to print me off a picture to take to my husband. Both heartbeats were at 100 and they were measuring where they should be.

5 week twin ultrasound

When they wheeled me back into the room, Darren was expecting bad news. But since I was smirking and not crying, he knew something was up. I handed him the photo and put two fingers up. He looked at the picture and then looked up and me with such a mixture of confusion, joy and panic.

We immediately texted our parents and the few ppl that knew about the pregnancy at this point (and that I had gone to the hospital expecting bad news) and everyone was both stunned and over joyed. The bleeding stopped the next day. Apparently I had a small blood clot but it ended up not being anything to worry about.

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