Wednesday, November 21, 2012

6 1/2 week twin belly

Twin "belly" at 6 1/2 weeks.
6 week twin belly
After learning a week ago we had twins in there, we are starting to adjust to it and the shock is wearing off and the excitement is building. 

6 week twin ultrasoundWe had the scan at the hospital on Nov. 16th and followed up with my doctor on the 20th. The office was really busy and she was running behind. We waited about an hour and a half until we finally saw her. She apologized and she had to rush out the door to deliver a baby at the hospital across the street but wanted to do a quick ultrasound since this was my first pre-natal appointment with her. I told her at that point that the hospital had told us the twin news. She was really surprised and did a quick, quick ultrasound. Like about one minute long. She said she was really sorry, it looked like one twin didn't make it and we probably had vanishing twin syndrome. She apologized again, said she had to leave to deliver the baby and told us to schedule another ultrasound for the next day with the tech on the better machine (this was a small on that rolled into the office.)

When she left we were both stunned. Everything was fine four days ago! I knew nothing about vanishing twin but spent the next 24 hours on the computer researching it. The doctor called me that night and apologized again for rushing out. She also said it was possible both babies were still okay and not to worry too much until we had the follow up.

We went in on the 21st and low and behold, the first thing the tech says is "two babies, two heart beats." Huge sigh of relief. Heartbeats were 107 and 109 at six weeks 4 days. Doctor was very embarrsed and apologetic after that! But all's well that ends well right? 

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