Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Three kids under three with the stomach bug...

This pretty much sums it up:
So all three kids were throwing up and running temps (fairly high, Bailey hit 103.5). I missed three days of work. The baby literally puked IN MY MOUTH. If they weren't sleeping and puking in their sheets, they were puking on me. You know how sick little kids just want to be held? It was such a violent illness that when they did throw up they didn't even have time to react and it just went all over the both of us. But everyone survived and we are all healthy now. Not surprisingly, I got it over the weekend too. Overall, compared to last year at least, we had a lot less sickness this winter. Spring, go ahead and bring your better weather and relatively healthy atmosphere please.

I have no strategies or survival tips. Stomach flu will win every time.

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