Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Two month pic and check up

Morgan is now two months old. She is 24 inches long (97th percentile) and 13 lbs 3 oz (85th percentile). Complete opposite end of the spectrum of her preemie sisters! B&B weighed 11lbs 14oz and 12 lbs 2 oz at four months, and both were 23 inches. By six months they were at 15 lbs 6 oz and 14 lbs 15 oz, and 24 3/4 inches and 25 inches. So Morgan at two months is about what her sisters weighed at five months and almost as tall as 6 months. 

She is such a good baby. Always smiling, laughing and cooing. Such a sweetheart. 

I'm still breastfeeding too - she is actually struggling a little to take a bottle so we'll need to work on that before I go back to work. I am on the fence about maybe switching to formula altogether when I go back - I really hate pumping - but for now I am just working on getting her to take any bottles at all so I can have an occasional break. I would like to give her formula as the last feed of the night in hopes of getting her to sleep a little longer. She is still waking up around 3 am most nights (once she slept till 6 am!!!!) and this is making me very tired. I have about 60 oz of breastmilk stored in the freezer too. I think eventually I'd like to do a mix of some formula and breastmilk. I will see how it goes!

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