Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Twin sale

Another successful twin sale. I spent just under $300 total. A few important things to highlight here:
  • Two convertible car seats for the other car (Britex marathon): $60 each, normally $200 to $250 each new
  • Two strollers/walking toys: $7.50, they sell new for $34.99 each
  • Fisher Price laugh and learn kitchen: $20, currently not sold in stores but updated model is $115 or you can buy this one as a collectible on Amazon for $119
  • Two two guitars for $1 each
  • A pink girls guitar for $12. Okay they are too young for this, but Darren tuned it and could actually play it and you know he will have fun teaching them someday to play guitar 
  • Mega blocks: $4, normally $25 ish
  • Brica baby mirrors for car: $1 each, normally $15 each
  • Some sippy cups and other baby plates/bowls
  • Tons and tons of clothes. And most of them matching. Watch out for an overload of adorable pictures soon.

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